BHB Reptiles - Scheduling / Shipping Policy

If you have additional questions about our scheduling and shipping process, please call 586-884-6646 or email

We ship with FedEx Priority Overnight for ARRIVAL on Tuesdays Wednesdays and Thursdays (weather dependent).

We will NOT ship reptile orders until we have made contact with the customer and scheduled a ship/arrival date. Someone must be available at the delivery address to accept the package, or FedEx will not leave it.

If temperatures prevent shipping directly to the home address, we can also have your order held for pick up at the nearest FedEx Ship Center that holds live animals. 

Shipping dates are subject to change based upon weather and FedEx scheduling. 

For winter shipping; temperatures must stay above 25 degrees (both here in Michigan and at the destination) for us to safely ship out.

Temperatures in the destination area must stay above 35 degrees to be able to deliver to a home address.

Any area under 35 degrees, must be held for pick up at the nearest FedEx facility, that will hold a live animal.  

For summer shipping; temperatures must be below 91 to ship. If it is above 80 we may need to have it held for pick up at the nearest FedEx facility that can hold a live animal.