How You Can Get Prepared Before You Bring A New Reptile Home.

The holidays are right around the corner, and you may be considering purchasing a reptile for a loved one or yourself. We encourage you to take this time to research and prepare for the reptile(s) that you are looking to add to your family.

Here is a list of some things to do before you bring a new reptile(s) home.

1. Make sure to source multiple care sheets from experienced sources and consider purchasing books or ebooks about that species.

2. Join a species-specific online community or even a general reptile online community. Online communities will provide you with additional support and advice from more experienced reptile keepers.

3. Make sure that you are purchasing your reptile from a breeder that is willing to assist you with questions even after the purchase. With all the conflicting information found online, your breeder should be able to explain the best way to care for your reptile.

4.Set up your reptile's new habitat and make sure that your temperature (hot and cool spot) and humidity is correct. Temps and humidity may take a few days to get right, but have this ready before your reptile comes home.

5. Double-check that you have a reliable source(s) to purchase your reptile's food.

6. Once your reptile is at home, we would recommend letting them settle into their habitat for a week before you work on consistent handling. Also, refer back to your breeder if there are any special instructions or recommendations for the kind of reptile that you are bringing home.

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