Can Leopard geckos Bite You?

Can leopard geckos bite you?

Do Leopard Geckos Bite? 

Honestly, it is a question customers ask me many times. The Answer: Most Leopard geckos do not bite; even scared and feisty babies usually calm down once you have picked them up and realize that you are not a threat. That being said, there are a few feisty babies and adults that will bite.

Here are a few reasons your Leopard gecko might choose to give you a little bite. 

They are stressed out. 

  • Your Leopard gecko may be afraid and think you are a threat. 

  • They are getting used to a new environment. 

  • They are not used to being handled.

  • They are not being kept in the proper setup, not getting the correct amount of food, and may not like being kept with other Leopard geckos. 

They're confused. 

  • You reach your hand quickly into the enclosure, and they do not have enough time to realize it's you. 

  • Your gecko thought your finger was food. 

They're having a bad day.

  • I think will can all relate to not being in the mood to be messed with when we are having an off day. 

It's breeding time, or they just laid eggs. 

  • During the breeding season, your Leopard gecko's mood can sometimes change after they have laid eggs. It's typically a short period that you will see these changes. 


Do you have examples of why a Leopard gecko may bite? Please share your experiences in the comments. 


My Leopard Gecko Bit Me, Now What? 

If your Leopard gecko has bitten you, do not panic. Leopard geckos are not venomous reptiles, so they have no venom. Almost all cases, the Leopard gecko lets go immediately, and you can wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water. 
If your Leopard gecko does not immediately let go, you can gently pour some room-temperature water over your finger, don't get their nose, but usually, that distracts them enough to let go. 


Have you ever had a Leopard gecko not let go of a bite? Share your experience in the comments. 


*** I always love a good disclaimer. Now, every person is different, and I have never heard of someone having an allergic reaction to a Leopard gecko bite, but if you have any symptoms that are causing you to worry, please see a doctor. 🥼 ***


I want to leave you with this final thought. Always be respectful of your pet Leopard gecko and be patient with them. You will reap the rewards the more patience and effort in your Leopard gecko and their habitat. 


Thank you for taking the time to read this article, and don't forget to leave a comment below. 



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