What is the size of a green anaconda?

The Ultimate Guide to Green Anaconda Size - BHB Reptiles Reveals the Facts!

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We’re here to answer one of the most common questions about green anacondas: "What is their size?"

Size Matters

Green anacondas are no ordinary snakes; they're colossal! With lengths ranging from 15 to 20 feet on average, they make for impressive sightings in the wild. But hold on to your hats; some lucky individuals can reach over 25 feet! These "snake-a-sauruses" weigh around 200-250 pounds, leaving even sumo wrestlers in awe.


Before you invite one to your next pool party, let's be real - green anacondas require ample space and a steady diet of rodents. They're majestic creatures, ruling the Amazon, but they're not your everyday house pets. If you are looking to keep one as a pet, you need to make sure to your research and prepare a proper enclosure for them to thrive. 


There you have it - the mesmerizing world of green anacondas! As BHB Reptiles, we're in awe of these giants and their larger-than-life presence. So, next time you're exploring the animal kingdom, remember that the size of green anacondas truly matters. Stay wild and embrace the wonder of these amazing reptiles!

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