Why does New Caledonia have so many geckos?

We are excited to delve into the question of why New Caledonia has so many geckos. Let's start with the numbers - New Caledonia is home to over 60 species of geckos, making it a gecko lover's dream come true! But why is this island so gecko-rich? 🤔 

One reason could be the unique geological history of the island. New Caledonia is a geological hotspot formed by the collision of ancient tectonic plates. This resulted in a diverse range of habitats, from rainforests to dry grasslands and everything in between. These varied habitats created opportunities for geckos to fill ecological niches and resulted in a high number of gecko species.

But that's not all - another factor contributing to the abundance of geckos on the island is the absence of native mammal predators. Before humans arrived, the only terrestrial mammals in New Caledonia were bats 🦇. This lack of mammalian predators allowed geckos to thrive, as they were not under pressure from traditional predators. As a result, geckos have been able to radiate and fill various ecological niches, resulting in the gecko extravaganza we see today.

So, to sum it up - New Caledonia's unique geological history and predator dynamics have created the perfect environment for geckos to thrive. It's like a gecko's version of Disneyland, with so many options for them to explore and evolve in! And, with no native mammal predators, the geckos are essentially the kings and queens of the island. Let's hope that they continue to reign supreme and evolve into even more quirky, adorable, and diverse species.


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