How Can I Tell If My Leachie Gecko Is A Male Or Female?

Leachie geckos, or Rhacodactylus leachianus, are a species of arboreal gecko native to New Caledonia. As with most reptiles, identifying the sex of Leachie geckos can be challenging, but there are several anatomical and behavioral characteristics that may be used to differentiate between males and females.

Sexual dimorphism in Leachie geckos is apparent in a variety of morphological traits. Males are typically larger in size, with a greater overall mass and larger head and neck region. Another distinguishing feature in males is the presence of a hemipenal bulge located at the base of the tail, which is not present in females. Females are generally smaller in size, with a thinner and less muscular tail. Females also lack the hemipenal bulge and have a smaller head and neck compared to males. Behavioral differences between the sexes are less pronounced but may include courtship displays, vocalizations, and territorial behaviors.

In conclusion, determining the sex of Leachie geckos requires careful observation of both anatomical and behavioral traits. Many of these traits may only be noticeable on adult geckos. Babies and juveniles are especially difficult to sex and you will need ideally a jewelry loupe to spot femoral pores. Males will have more prominent and often more uniform looking femoral pores distinguishing them from females. If you are unsure of the gender of your Leachie gecko, seeking the guidance of a veterinarian or an experienced herpetologist is recommended.



Photographed Above ⬆️ - Males will have more prominent and often more uniform looking femoral pores distinguishing them from females.

Photographed Above ⬆️ Female on left and Male on the right.

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