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Well Started- Albino Checkered Gartersnake- Het For Granite

  • $125.00

 Well Started- Albino Checkered Gartersnake 100% Het For Granite

These are babies feeding on fuzzy mice

The Garter snake is in the Colubrid family of the genius Thamnophis, but is not considered a constrictor. They are wide spread throughout North America. One of the things that make Garter snakes such popular pet snakes is that they can survive on a non-rodent diet of worms, fish and frogs. They have live young with some species having up to 50 live babies at a time. The breeding season is from March until August and gestation typically last between 80-105 days. They can be kept at lower temps then most pet snakes with an ambient temperature of 75-80 degrees and a hot spot of 80-85 degrees.

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