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Tiger Citron Reticulated Python - #2018M09

Tiger Citron Reticulated Python - #2018M09

  • $275.00

 2018 Tiger Citron Reticulated Python - #2018M09

This is one of Lucy's babies. You will be purchasing the actual snake pictured.

Morph: Tiger (Dominate gene) AND "Citron" or 100% Het Titanium. 

We appreciate everyone's business, but please do not purchase a Reticulated python if you are not able to care for it. Make sure you have your enclosure, supplies, and source of food ready before your Reticulated python arrives. If something comes up in the future that is out of your control, please do not release your python into the wild, please contact your local reptile rescue for assistance. 

Reticulated Python Care Sheet: Care Sheet

Reticulated pythons (Python reticulatus reticulatus) are one of the biggest species of snakes. They can reach lengths of 10-20 feet long. On average, they live about 15 years. They need large enclosures or a rack system like Freedom breeders to live in.


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