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Scaleless Abbotts Okeetee Cornsnake- Female #2020F08

Scaleless Abbotts Okeetee Cornsnake- Female #2020F08

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2020 Scaleless Abbotts Okeetee Cornsnake -Female #2020F08

Feeding on Frozen/thawed Small Adult Mice - Weekly 

 The Cornsnake is in the Pantherophis genius and is one the best “starter” snakes in the pet trade. Their willingness to feed readily on frozen rodents and there adult size of less than six foot makes them a perfect pet for both the beginner and the advanced hobbyist. Cornsnakes come in hundreds of “paintjobs” and are easily bred. The typical breeding season is from March through July with females depositing anywhere from 10-35 eggs. Babies hatch in approximately 60 days when incubated at 82 degrees. Cornsnakes should be kept at 80-82 degrees with a 86-90 degree hot spot. In captivity they are long lived animals and have been known to live in excess of 23 years.

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