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Het Albino Arizona Mt. Kingsnake

  • $200.00

2020 Arizona Mt Kingsnake 100% het for Albino 

Feeding on Frozen/thawed Pinky Mice - Weekly 

Kingsnakes are in the genus Lampropeltus and comprise of a number of species and sub species. These are a Colubrid snake and most adults get between 3-6 foot in length. They are great feeders and their main diet comprises of rodents such as mice and rats. The optimal temperature for keeping most kingsnakes is 80-82 degrees ambient with an 85-90 degree hot spot. Kingsnakes can be cannibalistic snakes, so keeping multiple Kingsnakes in the same enclosure is not recommended. They are normally very docile animals and make great pets. The normal breeding season for kingsnakes is from April through July with average clutches from 4-15 eggs.

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