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Green Anacondas

Green Anacondas

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Green Anacondas for sale at

Ivy's babies are now available for purchase. This is the only group of Anacondas, so please do not miss your chance to have one of Ivy and Jazz's babies. Please make sure to check your local and state ordinances that you can keep a Green Anaconda before placing your order.

Information about our baby Green Anacondas 


Friday, July 1st, 2022

Parent Pairing

Mom: "Ivy" - Green Anaconda at The Reptarium

Dad: "Jazz" - Green Anaconda 


Babies are approximately three feet in length. 

Feeding Information

These snakes are feeding on frozen/thawed rats.

Care Sheet

If you are looking for additional care information on how to care for and prepare for your new Green Anaconda, please visit the following link:

Important Reminder

** Please note that Green Anacondas will grow to become giant snakes, and by purchasing this snake, you are acknowledging that you are prepared for the responsibility of keeping a giant reptile. Green Anacondas are a final sale, and we will not accept returns. ** 

Additional Fees

Packaging and Handling Fee (once per order, "flat rate") = $25

Shipping (once per order "flat rate", varies by state) = between $35-$55 

Placing Your Order Online

Once you place your order online, we will call the phone number listed on your order to select a safe shipping day and location for your Green Anaconda to arrive.

Placing Your Order By Phone

Are you having trouble placing your order online? Please get in touch with us at 586-884-6646 to place your order by phone; we accept most major credit cards and PayPal. If we are away from the phone or assisting another customer, please leave a detailed voicemail, and we will call you back. 

You can email us with additional questions at

Interested In Picking Up Your Order At BHB

Call or email us today to schedule a pickup at the BHB Reptiles office and we will refund the shipping fee. 

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