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Hognose snakes are in the Colubrid family with three distantly related genre, the most common one in the reptile trade being Heterodon. They get the name “hognose” from their upturned snout. Over the past several years there have been several “paintjobs” that have been produced driving the popularity of the hognose to explode. With their typical pleasant disposition they make great pet snakes. The readily except frozen thawed rodents and breed easily. Females will have up to 32 eggs as many as three times a year. Breeding season starts in March and goes through August. The best temperatures to keep them at are 82-84 degrees, with a hot spot of 86-90 degrees.

****WE CANNOT SHIP HOGNOSE SNAKES TO COLORADO AND YOU MUST HAVE A PERMIT TO OWN A WESTERN HOGNOSE IN THE STATE OF ILLINOIS***** If you live in Illinois and have a permit, feel free to contact us to make a purchase.  

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