Here at BHB Reptiles we pride ourselves in having a top notch facility for our reptiles.
Since 1989 we have worked hard to acquire state of the art equipment to care for
our snakes. From the caging, to the rack systems, all the way down to the thermostats
we hold a high standard to the equipment we use.

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Each type of snake requires its own individual habitat that is designed to meet its special environmental needs. We strive for excellence in the care of our animals.

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About BHB Reptiles

BHB Reptiles is your one stop shop for pet snakes and reptiles. We have been in business since 1989 and have massive experience with cornsnakes, ball pythons, boas, and many other types of pet snake.

We can also help out with your other reptile needs. We have lizards, bearded dragons and enough accessories to keep your pet reptile happy for years to come.

Whether this is your first time looking for a pet snake or you are an experienced breeder, our online snake store will have something for you.

BHB Reptiles is also the home of snakebytes.tv, where you can catch Brian and the gang sharing with you their years of tips and advice for keeping a pet snake or reptile. With over 300 videos, you may even see Chewy take a snake bite or 50.

We also have weekly deals on buying snake online to make sure what you get the snake that's right for you at the cheapest price for a pet snake.

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